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Who We Are?

Providing high quality offshore staff at half the cost.

Midorick Solutions was founded to provide Offshore Staffing solutions in the Dominican Republic to companies that are based in cities where labor cost is too high. 

We recruit, hire, train and supervise staff with all the measures and requirements by the local government, while also conducting surveys about work happiness to make sure we keep low employee turnover.


Provide a diverse and skilled offshore staff, contributing a smart business growth. 



Be the strategic partner of the Caribbean for the U.S. and Canadian market, providing a core piece for any company: The Human Talent.

Our Values 





We are here to understand, assist and support you.

We want the best for your company, that’s why we look for the best Dominican talent and offer you an easy and effective management.

We work together with integrity, to reach your goals  and help you improve your business.

We are committed to become your ally; to walk together with you.

Why Us ?

In order for a company to create a subsidiary in another country, it has to go through a process that could take a whole year and maybe more, plus having a required minimum of 100 employees to be duty-free. And that's not taking into consideration the rental or building cost of the new office.

Midorick offers to be your local partner. Same benefits as a subsidiary, lower cost, faster and more effective. We commit to a long-term relationship where we grow together; you can have your Dominican office built and operated by us, handling the recruitment and all the tidious paperwork. 

Oh, and for half the price!

While outsourcing offers you merely a service, Offshoring offers you a partnership. Your success is our success. Midorick turns a PEO, Recruiter, WeWork AND IP Consultant into one.

Why the Dominican Republic ?


Tax Free

There is no tariff whatsoever for import/export of goods or services between the USA and DR

Time Zone

The Dominican Republic's time zone is the same as EST. We ere just hours away from the east coast. 

Strong Economy 

According to the World Bank, the Dominican Republic averaged a GDP growth rate of 6.1%, making it one of the fastest growing economy in the Latin American and Caribbean region. 


  • Great superior education plans

  • Some professionals have studied abroad 

  • English is our second language

Glass Buildings

Our Services

Administration and HR Services 

We do all the administrative proceses (pay roll services, giving your team the best space and all the necessity's that they need) and we handle all the HR work in DR so you don't have to.

Hiring Process

We handle all legal paperwork and benefit such as healthcare, pension and others.


We do extensive research to find you the best candidate for the job that you are looking for.

Office Space

We help you find the best space for your team to work from, with the best location and the best amenities.  

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